As a Hawkes Bay builder our work takes us to various sites in our region. The boys had a busy time prepping two new site foundations this week for New builds.

Site 1 – Battery Road Ahuriri, Napier. This was recently subdivided. A lot of time was spent in the initial stages of this build to get the design right on this small section. We needed to ensure that all council requirements were being met while maximising square metres. The largest home we could fit on the section was 80 square metres. As the site is in Ahuriri and close to the ocean its very sandy and soft. The geotech engineer, Bruce Williams from BM Williams Consulting Engineers, worked out we had to remove 600mm of soil and replace with hardfill to bring the platform up to load bearing capacity.  The guys worked with Hawkes Bay Earthmovers on the site prep to complete this task. As you can see in the below photo our carpenter Josh is using a self propelled compactor to reach the minimum 300 kpa bearing strength. Once the platform is to required height and strength our team can start boxing for the foundations. A good build starts with good foundations ensuring that everything is perfectly square and to correct measurements. Our well trained and qualified carpenters take special care to ensure we get this right.

This brand new rental home will be built on a rib raft floor.

Site 2 –  Kawera Road, Hastings. A large rural section the owners are excited to be building their Dream home as well as a supplementary unit. A 30 metre long retaining wall was erected prior to site prep commencing. You can see in the photo the completed retaining wall and the start of site set out and profiles. Approximately 1000 cubic metres of soil was removed from site to create the building platform.

Both dwellings on this site will be constructed using traditional foundations, however the footings had to be 600mm deep instead of the usual 300mm. This was required to get down to sufficent load bearing. Geotech Engineers LDE Napier were required by Hastings District Council to confirm footings were sufficient. This foundation prep became very challenging due to inclement weather. The footings were full of water and the site was extremely wet. The footings collapsed in some areas therefore requiring water to be pumped out and footings to be boxed below ground. Our team rose to these challenges getting the foundations dry and complete along with Council Sign off.