Work continues at Three sites this week with foundations laid and floor preparation well underway.

We are currently working two different types of foundations.

One is a traditional foundation as can be seen at Kawera Road Build where you have a concrete footing that goes below ground level. This type of footing has been done for a long time and prior to the Christchurch earthquake almost all floors were poured this way.  The advantage to using this type of foundation is you may not have to remove as much soil and bring in as much fill as a rib raft floor.  You also use approximately 25%  less concrete. These advantages ultimate help to eliminate costs.  On the flip side it generally is a more labour intensive process and can take slightly longer to do.  A significant amount of rain can render the footing more susceptible to caving.

The other floors seen in the photos are rib raft. With these types of foundations all existing soft soil has to be removed from the building footprint. This is replaced with engineered hardfill. This is compacted with a reversable compactor at 150mm compaction levels. The base will brought up to an exact level, generally 300mm below floor level. This process is much less labour intensive that the traditional method and is much more reliant upon machinery, requiring diggers and multiple transportation trips with removal and replacement of soils. Advantages is its much faster, you arn’t susceptible to cave ins from inclement weather and has better insulation properties due to the polystyrene pods included.

You can also see all the pre slab plumbing in place, done by Baywide Plumbing. 

The last photo shows the rib raft floor at a Napier Kindergarten being poured made so much easier with the help of Bird Concrete Pumping & Spraying.

Generally most of our guys prefer the process of the rib raft floor largely due to the fact that it is less labour intensive. But they are always happy to meet the clients needs. Ultimately we want to build the house you want in the way that you want it done.

Other options owners may like to look at including in their home are having a heated floor slab. This can be done by using either electricity or water. If you are planning on a tiled floor or polished concrete this can be a good option to look at.  You can also get higher insulation properties out of your floor by using high density 50mm polystyrene insulation.