Frames and Trusses

Frames and trusses – New house framing for various projects thoughout Hawkes Bay, Taradale, Hastings and Bayview. Generally we will get our frame made for us at a frames and truss plant. However the skilled carpenters at BuildMac can make our own frames. We would do this if it was a small house and the lead time to get from the frame plant would be to great. Framing is quite a fun part of the build for everyone. For the builder it is about setting out the frames on the floor pad and getting everything plumb square and true to ensure that the rest of the build process is easy. For the home owner it really gives them a good visual as to how there house will look. It makes the house look a lot bigger from when it was just a floor pad and they tend to go up really fast. The project does seem to slow down after this stage as a lot happens in the background that doesn’t change too much visually for the owner.